This category covers the use of greenhouses to start crops and the planting process. We would next move on to plant care.

The Best Slicing Cucumber

A very good slicing cucumber

Seeding Asparagus

Volunteer baby Asparagus, Asparagus in Bloom, Asparagus gone to Seed

Where are the Corn Cobs?

Sequence of corn development

When do I start my Petunia Seeds?

Do your Beans have poor Germination?

Starting Bean seed on seed table and transplanting into Plastic in Garden.

Walking through the Garden

The plants are growing and how Hamburg Chickens help reduce bugs in the garden.

Seeding Cucumbers into Plastic Mulch

How to plant seeds into Plastic Mulch

80 degrees and Growing!

Veggies are growing in the garden and out of their pony packs

A New Way to transplant Broccoli

Transplanting Brassicas with a handy Transplanting Tool.

Testing Viable Germination on Pea Seed

Testing Germination on Seed,

Sweet, the Sweet Potatoes are Planted!

Planting Sweet Potatoes from starts into Plastic Mulch

Seeding Beets in Trays

Seeding Beets into six-pack trays

Onions are coming up!

Continuing care of Onion seedlings

Seeding Peppers

Seeding Pepper seeds into Flats

Seeding Onions

Seeding Onions in a Flat of dirt

Laying Down the Plastic-Mulch

Rolling out the Plastic-Mulch

Seeding Garlic Cloves

Seeding the Garlic through the Plastic Mulch

Garlic ‘Popping’

Popping Garlic for Seeding

Have you planted your Garlic?

Preparing the soil to seed Garlic

Spacing the T-tape into rows

the t-tape is prepared and layed down the rows for each crop

Fitting the Seeper-End on T-tape

Fitting seeper ends into tube for t-tape rows

Monday Morning Work Line-Up

Using the Dry Erase Board to keep informed for current projects.

Why Didn’t My Asparagus Come Up?

Picking out live asparagus roots and planting the asparagus bed

Sprouting Corn Seed

Sprouting corn to seed in the garden

Transplanting Onion Starts

Transplanting the onion starts into the plastic mulch.

Planting Lettuce with the Planter

How to transplant a-lot of lettuce in a short amount of time

Crazy Weather!

The weather is Absurd!

The Cabbage is Planted

Planting the cabbage through the plastic

Seeding Potatoes on Good Friday

Seeding potatoes into the plastic mulch

The Cabbage is Ready

Starting Brassica plants in flats

Transplanting Grape Starts

Transplanting Grape starts into cups

Using the Corn Jabber for Seeding Beets

Seeding beets and chard with a corn jabber planter.

The Zucchini Story, Part Two

Keeping track on a calendar the growth of your plants.

The Zucchini Story

SEEDING zucchini on the hot table

Cooking Dirt for Potting

Sterilizing and moistening raw dirt

Mixing Dirt

Turning cooked dirt into potting soil

When to Transplant PEPPER Seedlings

When to transplant baby pepper seedlings

Transplant those Seedlings NOW!

Moving your seedlings into trays and labeling strategies

How much seed should I Plant?

Making a greenhouse plan, calendar, and worksheet for your Seed order