Have you planted your Garlic?

It’s time to plant the garlic.  The nights are cold and the days are crisp.  The time to plant garlic is generally 4 weeks before the ground freezes.  In this area the ground freezes around the third week in November.  Since this is the first of November it is time to get it in.  If you are organized you will have already put on your fertilizer and tilled it into the soil.  We are always so busy with the markets that we do not have time to deal with it until the markets are done for the season.  Ken took a day and drove to our favorite Rabbitry ladueslittlethings.weebly.com, our daughter’s, to get a load of fertilizer.  He helped her shovel and clean out the Rabbitry and brought home the ‘prize’ for our garden.  Thank you Mandy.

Then the chore is to spread it onto your garden plot ours is about 50′ x 40′ and so isn’t too large of an area.  After spreading it he tilled it in and smoothed it out level with the rake.  It is important to have the plot as level as it can be so that the plastic mulch will fit tight to the ground.  The garlic patch needs to go through the entire winter months without the mulch moving otherwise the garlic will not be able to find its way up through the holes.

After preparing the soil and keeping it soft and loose; he laid out the mainline and t-tape for the rows and covered it with the plastic mulch.  The area is beautiful (well I think a job well done is beautiful) and ready to be planted.


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