Crazy Weather!

So we are trying to get the garden planted and the weather can’t decide if it wants us to sweat to death or just dodge the hail.  I guess as the old story goes the Sun and the wind were having a contest…well today the hail won out.  It was just too much and drove us into the house.  I’ve been picking up little sticks from the fruit tree pruning, and trying to mow the yard for the first time.  Our orchard trees are planted in our front yard.  In this sand there has to be something to hold down the dirt.  So grass it is.  It must be good for my waistline bending up and down so much.  But I’m exhausted!

Meanwhile Ken is planting Sweet slice cucumbers (yum, yum) in the greenhouse and putting a plastic cover over the corn and ‘tie-ing’ down the row covers.  The wind, rain and hail is doing its best to carry them all away.

I guess we will sleep good tonight.

 And here is the Aesop’s Fables poem of …

The North Wind and the Sun

The North Wind and the Sun could not agree
on who would best the other in a fight,
so they arranged a contest that would see
the scorching heat against the tempest’s might.
A clueless wanderer passed by; despite
the North Wind’s dire blows, the man pressed on
and simply drew his heavy cloak more tight,
until the North Wind’s bluster was all gone.
The Sun just smiled, and from a clear sky shone
her gentle fingers over that poor man.
By afternoon both knew her warmth had won,
the cloak removed while perspiration ran.
If you should seek to alter someone’s course,
persuasion is a greater strength than force.

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