This is the first stage in the process, where we pull out our seed books and make our orders. After this, we move on to planting.

What are all these Insects in my Asparagus?

Beneficial insects, good bugs, bad bugs, good insects, bad insects in the Garden

When should I prune my Grapes and Apples?

When to prune Grapes and Apple trees

When should I order my Seeds and Garden Supplies?

What time of the year should I Fertilize?

How early in the spring can I fertilize?

Walking through the Garden

The plants are growing and how Hamburg Chickens help reduce bugs in the garden.

Seeding Cucumbers into Plastic Mulch

How to plant seeds into Plastic Mulch

Testing Viable Germination on Pea Seed

Testing Germination on Seed,

The vegetables are growing in the rain!

Vegetables keep growing despite all the rain

What Organic Fertilizer Can I Use?

What organic, natural fertilizer can I use?

Plastic for Greenhouse

What kind of Clear Plastic to buy for your Greenhouse

It is Time to Order Seeds

The Roof is Plastic

Putting plastic on the Greenhouse frame

The Plastic Mulch has Arrived

Receiving the Pallet of Plastic Mulch

Walking in the Trees

Pruning Fruit Trees

Plastic Mulch Pick-up Time

Cleaning-up the Plastic Mulch

Cleaning up!

Pickled garlic and fall cleanup

Monday Morning Work Line-Up

Using the Dry Erase Board to keep informed for current projects.

How much seed should I Plant?

Making a greenhouse plan, calendar, and worksheet for your Seed order