Plant Care

Here is where we cover all forms of plant care. Eventually, we will be ready to harvest.

What are all these Insects in my Asparagus?

Beneficial insects, good bugs, bad bugs, good insects, bad insects in the Garden

Seeding Asparagus

Volunteer baby Asparagus, Asparagus in Bloom, Asparagus gone to Seed

When should I prune my Grapes and Apples?

When to prune Grapes and Apple trees

What time of the year should I Fertilize?

How early in the spring can I fertilize?

Too busy to water your houseplants?

Watering houseplants with a wick

Walking through the Garden

The plants are growing and how Hamburg Chickens help reduce bugs in the garden.

Seeding Cucumbers into Plastic Mulch

How to plant seeds into Plastic Mulch

Mowing the Corn Patch

Mowing corn stalks and flighty chickens

Why Didn’t My Asparagus Come Up?

Picking out live asparagus roots and planting the asparagus bed

Sprouting Corn Seed

Sprouting corn to seed in the garden

The Onions need a Haircut!

How to trim your onion plants in the tray

Crazy Weather!

The weather is Absurd!