Plastic for Greenhouse

I’ve had some questions about where we buy our plastic for the greenhouse.  I will give you a couple of the supplies addresses but ‘to do or not to do Greenhouse Plastic’ has been a quandary with us for years.  If we just buy a 6 ml clear plastic roll regular grade in town it cost about $96. for a 20×100 foot roll.  This is a nice heavy weight and we usually use it first to cover and protect the tomatoes in the fall and get them through the light frosts; then after the end of the season we move the plastic to the top of the greenhouse.  This weight and type of plastic only lasts one year on the greenhouse and so has to be put on every year.  Of course we do not have to pay the shipping when we pick it up in town, which is half again the cost of the plastic 30%-50%. So say it would cost us about $125 or so if we were to compare the cost of it to a roll of true greenhouse plastic.  Greenhouse plastic cost us this year $174. for a roll of 20′ x 100′ 6 mil IV, plus shipping was 30% so $226. Now this will last us a good two years and we won’t have to do the work of replacing it on the greenhouse. So go figure…do you or don’t you want the extra work of putting it up on the frame.  We chose to get the extra season out of it this year because of the height of the greenhouse and the danger of falling through as Ben risks life and limb literally to to crawl around on top installing it. And yes he has fallen through before.

One of our suppliers is Rain-Flo Irrigation they are located back east in Pennsylvania you can contact them through the internet at  Another company that we like and purchase alot of seeds and supplies from is Jordans Seed Company, again you can contact them at .  Well I hope I’ve answered your questions and not confused the issue further. 🙂


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