When should I order my Seeds and Garden Supplies?

Spring will be here before you know it so you better get your seeds and supplies ordered. Some questions you will want to ask yourself is what are you going to plant in your garden this year, and how am I going to take care of it? If you are as busy as everyone else seems to be on planet Earth you will want to do some serious planning ahead of time so that your garden is not a disastrous, weedy mess come September.

Ordering Seeds and Supplies

Along with ordering your seeds you might want to think about a drip water system and plastic mulch to cut down on your water bill and your enjoyment of weeding for hours every evening (sarcasm intended). A good drip water system and mulch can save you hours and bring your garden back to something of pleasure instead of a huge chore.

Laying Plastic MulchHave a sit-down this evening and enjoy ordering all those yummy vegetables that your heart desires. Seeds are always a good investment for now and the future, order a few extras, germination is usually good for years especially if you start them on a heat table. You can also order rolls of Plastic Mulch, t-tape and row covers that will store for years. We have a local water-pump and drilling store that carries the fittings and t-tape in small amounts. Not a very big investment for a return on your money and great food. 🙂

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