The Plastic Mulch has Arrived

The snow is still on the ground but we have been waiting anxiously for the Plastic Mulch to arrive. No, we are not going to start laying it down in the garden but this year we did order something special…greenhouse plastic, the real McCoy! It is supposed to last up to 4 years. We usually just put on a regular 6 mil. weight clear plastic and it only lasts one year. Thus it is alot of work year after year putting up the plastic on the greenhouse. Of course it is more expensive to buy the better grade and I was always of the opinion that if I spent 4 times as much $$$$$$ and the plastic only lasted 4 times as long what was the point? Well, I guess the point is less work, and that is something that we need to cut out of our time around here. So we dug a little deeper into our pockets and bought a true Greenhouse covering plastic. We did not want the truck to get stuck in the garden which is soft this time of year and so he unloaded the pallet right on the county road.  Ben had to haul each 130 lb. roll from the road, up the hill about 20 feet, next to the greenhouse and re-stack it and guess what we forgot to keep track of…the shipping receipt.  I’ll bet it is attached to a roll at the bottom of the stack.

No more excuses; now we will have to get busy and get the greenhouse in shape ready for the plants that will soon be seeded.



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