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Seeding Onions

The time is approaching to seed onions. Last year we started our onions on March 1st and they were about the right size when we were able to get them into the garden. Any time from mid to the end … Continue reading

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It is Time to Order Seeds

It is a big job to order our seeds for the year and it usually takes most of one day.  Ken orders the corn, melons, winter squash, cabbage, broccoli and lettuce seeds.  I always order all the colorful peppers and … Continue reading

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The Roof is Plastic

It is so exciting to be putting up the greenhouse plastic.  This means that spring is on the way.  Ken and Ben worked for several days nailing down the slats to hold the plastic in place.  They criss-crossed the ends … Continue reading

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The Plastic Mulch has Arrived

The snow is still on the ground but we have been waiting anxiously for the Plastic Mulch to arrive. No, we are not going to start laying it down in the garden but this year we did order something special…, … Continue reading

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Walking in the Trees

It is a beautiful, sunny day for pruning the fruit trees. The calendar says it is time to prune and the added benefit is a nice day to do the work in. Ben is home for Christmas break from college and is enjoying the … Continue reading

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Laying Down the Plastic-Mulch

Now that the t-tape is spaced for the next crop and laid out in rows then we can proceed to cover the area with the Plastic-Mulch. Ken has designed a tool that the plastic roll fits on.  It has a … Continue reading

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