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We’re glad that you came, now you’re in for some fun. Take your time, look around and if you have any questions we would be glad to answer them for you. Just make a comment on any article and we will get back to you. Look at our produce schedule for the time-­frame of available produce. Our schedule for Farmers mar­kets will be available soon. Hope you enjoy your stay.

What we are up to now

Check out Sue’s Garden Blog to read the latest on what we are up to.  Our Home Page features the latest How-to articles and of course you are welcomed to search the site to look-up any particular item.  If you are interested in a certain vegetable or even a recipe that you have seen at the Farmers Market and it is not on the site just post a comment and I’ll be glad to respond.  Happy Gardening to you today and this year.

Produce Harvest Calendar
Basil July-September
Beets July-October
Broccoli June-September
Cabbage June-September
Carrots July
Cherries July
Corn July-October
Cucumbers May-September
Dill July-September
Garlic July-October
Grapes September
Grape Plants May-July
Lettuce June-July
Melons July-September
Onions July-October
Peppers July-October
Potatoes July-October
Pumpkins Sept-October
Raspberries July
Raspberry Plants May-June
Summer Squash July-October
Strawberries June
Sweet Potatoes Sept-October
Swiss Chard May-October
Tomatoes Aug-October
Tomatillos Sept-October
Winter Squash Sept-October