How much seed should I Plant?

It’s cold, cold, cold and hard to even think about the coming summer-growing months in the garden and yet in the mail, here they come the vegetable SEED CATALOGS.  Today we began our planning for the coming garden season.  Gathered around the stove, bringing out the lists, charts and data from last year, we ask, “does anyone remember when we planted the first tomatoes…did they all live…no, that was when we had the cold Spring and had to replant…someone look at the planting charts”…and so we do remember and begin to fill in the planning calendar for the coming season.

Here is the order of how we begin:

1. Make a chart of what you are going to plant.


2011 Garden Plan
Basil 50 plants
Beans (bush) 3 double row 1 for us, 2 in gh
Broccoli 3 rows, 75 plants
Cabbage 2 rows
Carrots 2 rows
Cauliflower 3 rows, 75 plants
Celery 2 rows
Chard 1/2 row, 15 plants
Cilantro 7 rows, 1/2 row every 2 weeks
Corn 50 rows
Cucumber(Slicer) 2 rows – 50 plants 1 gh, 1 in garden
Cucumber(Pickler) 2 (1 row) early, 1 row late
Dill 1/2 row
Lettuce 1/3 row Romaine, every 3 weeks
Melons 5 rows
Onions 1 tray of 250
Parsley 1 row, 25 plants
Peppers (Bell) 2 rows, 25 plants
Peppers (Hot) 1/2 row Ceyenne, 1/2 row Jal.
Peppers (Hot) 1/2 row Pablano: 10 plants
Potatoes 4 rows
Raspberries 3 rows
Pumpkins 10 row, 17 per row
Squash (Winter) 2 row, 17 per row
Squash (Yellow) 5 plants
Tomatoes 3 row 51 plants
Zucchini 3 plants

2. Make a Planting Table to establish the dates when you will begin planting the seeds.


Greenhouse Planting Calendar 2011
DateSeed Item Amount Seeded Transplanted
02/01 Peppers: Bell 25

02/01 Peppers: Colors 25

02/01 Peppers: Pablano 15

02/01 Peppers: Hot 25

03/01 Tomatoes 25

03/03 Onions 1 trays

03/09 Broccoli 80

03/09 Cabbage 55

03/09 Cauliflower 80



3. Inventory last years seeds so that you will know what to order from the catalogs.

Print Greenhouse Work Sheets to record the dates when you plant, varietys and how much. This is very helpful to establish when to plant for the next year, as well as keep you on track with your seeding.

When we are done establishing how much we want to plant of everything then we will pull out the Seed Catalogs. I can hardly wait…

Planting Seeds (Celebrate Spring)

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