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Do your Beans have poor Germination?

Have you ever noticed how poor the germination is on bean seed that you seed directly into the garden? I used to think it was the seed I was buying but now I’m convinced that if the weather is not perfect the seeds … Continue reading

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Walking through the Garden

Here I am walking through the garden again, sometimes I wonder if I’m getting any work done but it is so fun to see all the produce growing and getting bigger. So while I was running around trying to find … Continue reading

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Seeding Cucumbers into Plastic Mulch

The question is how do we plant seeds into the plastic mulch. It works real slick for the larger seeds like the corn seed, squash, melons and cucumbers which is what we will show you today. It is harder to … Continue reading

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80 degrees and Growing!

It has been so nice and warm lately that all the plants are loving it. We can finally transplant everything out of the greenhouse. Plants love the warm weather and are growing, growing, growing. I walked around the garden and … Continue reading

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