Plastic Mulch Pick-up Time

There is one drawback to our plastic-mulch system and of course that is: it does have to be picked up every year before we can add the good amenities to the soil. Most gardeners can just rototill the garden in as soon as the vegetables quit producing; that is not possible with this kind of mulch.

The weather is cooperating and has warmed back up from the single digits; it was around 40 degrees all day and we were supposed to see sunshine but sadly we were fogged in all day with the sun bright just beyond the clouds. Ken worked in the garden about 6 hours and was able to cleanup 3 blocks. He shakes the dirt off of the long rows of plastic mulch and then leaves them in the garden for the worms we ordered from Uncle Jim’s to winter under. When we pull them up and into the pick-up truck in the spring, the worm castings are just thick under the mulch.  Pulling 3 blocks is a big job and Ken was more than ready to retire early to bed.





The seed catalogs have almost all arrived and now that Thanksgiving preparations and celebrations are past we are thinking of ordering some seeds; though with the weather holding outside it is hard to sit down indoors and waste the valuable ‘cleaning-up’ weather.

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