Gorgeous Day!

What a gorgeous day!  Alternating between rain and shine.  Everything is so green.  I think my eyes are starved for color after the long spring that we have just come through.  We still are fighting the cold nights. Monday is forecast to be our warmest day yet, a whopping 72 degrees but guess what they are predicting for that nights temperature?  All the way down to 35 degree, it could freeze.  We just got home from our Saturday jobs and Ken headed to the greenhouse.  He needs to check the plants for water and get them ready for tomorrow.  We will leave early for church and won’t be back until late afternoon after visiting our mothers.  Mothers Day you know.

Ben's flower bed

It doesn’t take long for a plant to dry up in this crazy weather.  10 minutes of sun and the greenhouse is a hot house pushing 100 degrees.  So we will open it up before we leave no matter how cold it is in the morning and just hope for the best.  Ken just came back from the greenhouse and said the tomatoes need to get out.  They are almost a foot tall. Hopefully next week.  He planted more sprouted corn yesterday.  It had 1/2 inch sprouts time he got to it.  He was able to seed the whole quart in a few hours last evening.  Kinda forces you to keep going when it is already sprouted, knowing that it will not wait until tomorrow.  The melons I seeded were up this morning and I moved them off of the hot table before I left for work.  I seeded them on Tuesday.  Didn’t seem to get much done yesterday, just weeded 4 more rows of garlic.  They are growing fast now.  If I leave weeds then the garlic will be real small.  Last year I didn’t think it mattered so much and my garlic was all of 1 inch wide.  Soooooooo disappointing!  They look alot better this year.  Well, I better get to work and get something important done on this day.  All you mothers have a wonderful Mother’s Day.

Weeds taking over the Garlic

8 rows Garlic all weeded



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