This category covers harvesting crops. After we're done, we'll can and store our produce.

The Best Slicing Cucumber

A very good slicing cucumber

Seeding Asparagus

Volunteer baby Asparagus, Asparagus in Bloom, Asparagus gone to Seed

Where are the Corn Cobs?

Sequence of corn development

When do I start my Petunia Seeds?

What do I do with all these Eggs?

How to freeze eggs and keeping the bugs and grasshopper population down.

“The Recipe” makes 2 1/2 to 3 quarts of Grape Juice

How to make grape juice the easy way.

Broccoli, Beets and Swiss Chard at the Farmers Market

The first vegetables of the season at the Farmers Market

Cleaning up!

Pickled garlic and fall cleanup

Fall calls for a Pumpkin Pie Drink

Making Pumpkin Puree into a drink

The Square is In

Using the Square-Up Credit/Debit card reader at Farmers Market

The Melons are Ripe and alot more!

Photos of the vegetables that are ripe.

Cabbage at Farmers Market

Cabbage stir-fry recipe for Farmers Market