Broccoli, Beets and Swiss Chard at the Farmers Market

The week has been fun selling at the Farmers Markets. It has been raining all week and has hardly quit pouring long enough for the customers to stop and look at the vegetables. But we have been blessed to have large heads of broccoli, beets, cabbage, Rainbow Chard, Cucumbers, Zucchini and Yellow Crookneck squash. Maybe the size has something to do with all the water coming down. And the flavor of the veggies are wonderful. It seems like the ‘first fruits’ of the season are always the best tasting.  I guess it is because we are hungry for the good taste of fresh produce.





Ben and Cassie wash the vegetables in a stainless steel tub that is only about 3 inches deep.  Just deep enough to get them clean and then rinse out the tub for another load. We wash all our vegetables before packaging them in double wrapped bags for freshness. Then we store the produce in the refrigerator overnight if we don’t happen to have a market on the day we pick. The picking is done almost every day so that the vegetables are fresh. We decided that we would rather sell the produce as fresh as possible rather than have a lot of storage area and so we do not have a large cooler. This forces us to move the veggies quickly to market for ultimate freshness.

Ken picked the nicest box of cabbage and carried it in to prepare it for market. This cabbage is very sweet and tender; it is a 45 day variety called ‘Quick Start’. Sounds like I am giving a sales pitch but we do enjoy eating good food and appreciate the tender, sweet and excellent flavored vegetables.

It has been a fulfilling week of work and yummy veggies at home and at the market.

Farmers Market

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