5 Blocks of Plastic Mulch cleaned up

The rain stopped after two weeks and it decided to be nice and sunny and warm today. We were very thankful for the rain but oh how nice the sun feels. Ben and Cassie worked hard all day at cleaning up the rest of the garden. We have about half of it plastic-mulched and planted. Now we have to finish the clean-up so that we can plow and lay down the rest of the mulch.  They cleaned up between old corn rows which takes a lot more time than the other crops.  Corn has long finger roots and of course a large stalk that does not easily mulch back into the soil.  It catches the plastic and it harder to get away from the mulch. The plastic comes up in little pieces about 4 to 6 feet long. Many sore muscles and tight abs later they were able to clean up 5 blocks of plastic-mulch and load it into the pick-up for a trip to the local land fill.  We have one more block to go and we will be mostly done.

Ben finished picking the scapes off of the top of the garlic plants and this evening he and Cassie picked the zucchini and the yellow crookneck summer squash, washed it and bagged it up for market.

They are glad to hit the sacks tonight.

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