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Plastic Mulch Pick-up Time

There is one drawback to our plastic-mulch system and of course that is: it does have to be picked up every year before we can add the good amenities to the soil. Most gardeners can just rototill the garden in as soon … Continue reading

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The Fix-it Time of Year

Our first blizzard and do we really want to work in the garden today?  We think not!  There is still clean-up out there but it can wait until a less blustery day.  So it is time to get the front … Continue reading

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Cleaning up!

There is always the clean-up! Although we don’t look forward to it, it is exciting when it is done and everything looks so nice. Ken has been hauling out trash and bringing back-hauls of market signs etc. up and down … Continue reading

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Seeding Garlic Cloves

After all the preparation, we are finally ready to begin seeding the garlic through the Plastic Mulch and into the ground.  Planting the clove through the plastic mulch does not take any more time than seeding garlic directly into the ground. … Continue reading

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Garlic ‘Popping’

First we ‘pop’ the garlic to prepare it for seeding. A strange term for tearing the cloves off of the garlic stem but maybe it is like popping as you need to gently bend the garlic out until it ‘pops’ … Continue reading

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Have you planted your Garlic?

It’s time to plant the garlic.  The nights are cold and the days are crisp.  The time to plant garlic is generally 4 weeks before the ground freezes.  In this area the ground freezes around the third week in November. … Continue reading

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