The Square is In

Today we ran our first Credit/Debit cards with the new Square-Up technology.  Ben was at the Liberty Lake Farmers Market and was able to help customers out by being able to take debit or credit card for the produce that they needed to buy.  This is so nice for the customer when they have forgotten to get cash for shopping at the farmers market.  The Company Square-up has made the technology easy to use and the transaction ‘slid’ through quickly.  The customers thought it was fun to be able to sign a signature with just a touch of their finger on the phone.





The market manager came by our stand and also was excited to see that we were able to help customers out in this way.  I don’t know how many times people have wandered by our stand and have suddenly noticed our nice melons, basil or other produce and wished that they had come to market prepared to purchase it.  A few weeks ago one of our customers had to run over to the bank on her bicycle to get some cash, it was about an half hour later and she was back to get the produce; this will be so helpful for the customers.

While Ben was having a good day at the Liberty Lake market, Cassie was having her share of problems getting to the Colville North East Washington Farmers Market.  On the way into market, her truck stalled at the stoplight in Kettle Falls before she hardly knew what she was going to do, a tow truck pulled up and chained on to her bumper.  She said, “Where are you taking me?” he said, “Anywhere that you want”.  He pulled her off the road and into the nearest parking lot, asked her if she had someone to call and then he was gone.  Wow, that sure was nice of him.  Maybe he was one of those angels in disguise.  She called brother John and he came, loaded up his truck and our car and off they went to market.  Her market went well after that and they both made it home by 5:00.  Had watermelon and chicken for supper and called it a day.

It is so nice this time of year when we have the good produce for the markets. Umm, Umm good!

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