The Melons are Ripe and alot more!

The melons are beginning to ripen so we were able to take our first ones to the church potluck today.  I ate an orange one and I saw Ken eating a red one.  Mmm good! We’ve sure missed them since last summer.  We also had fresh Swiss Chard, new red potatoes and Cucumber slices.  I’ve been eating a cucumber every day for my lunch.  It takes about a month to get our fill of them; they are so sweet and crunchy.  The steamed red potatoes were so flavorful and sweet that I ate mine without butter or even salt.

Just returned from a walk through the garden and I’ll give you a pre-view of what is ripe and we have available at the Farmers Market.












The corn is ripening and now it has nice plump cobs that are beginning to fill out; probably will be another week or so before we will eat the first corn-on-the-cob.  I have eaten a few cherries though but most of them are not quite ripe.  Usually they are ripe on the 4th of July; but not this year the veggies are a little late.  Well I hope you enjoy the pictures; as much as I did the stroll through the garden this Sunday evening.

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  1. Custom avatar Missy says:

    I miss being able to walk out into the garden and grab fresh veggies… our garden isn’t growing very fast. It all looks so yummy!!!