80 degrees and Growing!

It has been so nice and warm lately that all the plants are loving it. We can finally transplant everything out of the greenhouse. Plants love the warm weather and are growing, growing, growing. I walked around the garden and greenhouse taking photos of the plants progress. It is always amazing to me how fast the plants grow with nice weather. Our poor tomato plants are still in their 4 cell pony packs waiting to go out into the garden along with the peppers and other flowers and veggies.

Tomato 4-cell pony packs







Here are some photos of Petunias that are ready to be planted in baskets along with annual Artichokes that are supposed to bear the first year, and I seeded a tray of Tomatillos for great Salsa.






The garlic is growing nicely and the beets and onions are starting to perk up since they were transplanted. You can see Ken is working along seeding his corn with his corn seeder in the background of the onion photo.






We finally got the melons covered with the greenhouse plastic that has the perforated holes in it. With these warm covers they will grow very fast, hopefully we will be eating melons around the beginning of July. There is lots to do and I better get going before someone finds me slacking off and writing about working instead of working. 🙂


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