The Floor will last 29 Years!

The Floor will last 29 Years, that is what the box states. It is winter and this is the time of year when we try to catch-up with our inside projects. During the Spring, Summer and Fall we are so busy with the garden it is hard to even stop to clean the house let alone do any of the fix-it projects that it definitively needs. The day after all the Christmas celebrating was done, we tore up the old kitchen floor and began the remodel.  Reminiscing, it was decided that the old blue tile floor was put in 12 years ago. I’m not one for change and I did not think that it lasted very long. 🙂 So to have a 29 year guarantee “against wear and fading”, is very appealing to me.

After we tore up the old floor tile we had to spread a diluted cement mixture to make sure that the floor is level for the laminate boards to ‘float’ on top of.  Since we built in 1980 the floor has settled in places causing some uneven seams. We had even noticed after we put on the old tile floor that the seams of the particle board underlay would come up through it and cause it to wear in long lines of uglyness.

It’s exciting that our son the professional carpenter is preparing the floor right this time. Maybe the laminate flooring really will last for 29 years.

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