The Weather is Changing-we think

Well, it looks like the weather is changing.  At least the days are sunny and a bit warmer.  Last night it still was around 29 degrees.  So we just keep planting… He sprouted more corn and is out planting it this morning.  It was only in the heat room for 24 hours and was ready to go last night with 1/4 inch roots.  So this morning the roots were a bit long, pushing 1/2 inch.  Hope they don’t break off falling through the planter.  Ken is off to a meeting at 11:30 so he is seeding fast this morning.

The Cherry and Apple trees are looking more promising with a few warm days.  The yard that was bare and ugly has greened up wonderfully.  Even ‘Halls Hearty’ Almond tree is in full bloom.

I better get to work.  I’m going to seed some more melons today and transplant the grapes from their little holding cups to gallon pots.  The grapes do not like to have soggy roots and so do best with several transplants.  Have a great gardening day and be sure and rejoice in the beauty that God has given us today.

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